Village Homestays

village homestay

We offer community-based tours to villages.

Through our village homestay we supply you with a responsible tourism alternative to mass packaged holidays with travel ethos that co-operate with the local communities to improve their economy, and protect their local environments. These tours are also known as community-based village homestays or visits.

Your accommodation is provided by the host community in their homes or homesteads. In return you are able to absorb the local village culture through shared meals, discussions and language exchange, sightseeing, and various activities.

This programme creates a very unique Jaunsaari experience differing from the typical ‘ holidays’. It will enlighten your perspective of day to day life in a rural village setting. A general itinerary can be discussed to give you an idea of the amazing experiences you will have.

Responsible travel: Community-based village homestays

Through our village homestays in Jaunsaar your visit will help encourage the villagers to support responsible ecotourism as a viable alternative to sustainability rather than focusing on the unsustainable practices of commercial farming. Your visit provides an important income which will reinforce and promote the long term conservation of their cultural identity and their nurturing environment.

The village community receives proper economic benefits from the tourism operation and is remunerated for their work in the operation. In addition they are trained in all the different areas related to socially and ecologically responsible tourism.

Benefits for communities

  • Provide a more sustainable form of livelihood for local communities alongside their established means for earning potential.
  • Fosters the sustainable use and collective responsibility over land and resources.
  • Encourage communities themselves to be more directly involved in conservation of their local environment.
  • Generate local economic benefits by generation of income acquired from hosting, translation, and transportation services for the visitors.
  • This creates an understanding and goodwill towards other conservation measures such as protected areas, indigenous forests and natural habitats.
  • This project mobilizes and helps to empower women and women’s groups who are the main participants in this project as they welcome the visitors into their own homes or provide contacts from their villages that would supply accommodation for the visitors.

This holiday programme is to support and promote community based tourism ventures that offer significant conservation and development benefits to local community.