The Itinerary Makers – We Ask! You Decide! We propose! You Finalize! As a tourist, the biggest dilemma that one faces is; How to plan a trip? Though with the advent of internet, search became easier, yet the inability to


Village Homestays

We offer community-based tours to villages. Through our village homestay we supply you with a responsible tourism alternative to mass packaged holidays with travel ethos that co-operate with the local communities to improve their economy, and protect their local environments.


Cottage Rentals

Independent Cottage Independent Cottage: The cottage is located at the altitude more than 8000ft.The surroundings gives the guest to spend private quality time for her/himself. The cottage can be taken on rent for any no. of days. Photos  



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Chakrata Chakrata is a hill station famous as British Colonial weekend getaway break destination. A cantonment of British Indian Army was established in 1866 by Colonel Hume of the 55th Regiment, British Indian Army and the troops and officers first